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Prague Hotel Wilson *****inteligentní elektroinstalace v hotelu Wilson

The control system FOXTROT operates:

  • Lighting System
  • 8 dimming and switching circuits 54
  • Switching circuits - combined from different light sources (halogen lamps, LED strips, LED bulbs, fluorescent)
  • Facade lighting


ovládání inteligentní elektroinstalace pro hotely inteligentní elektroinstalace řídící systém pro hotely inteligentní osvětlení v hotelu







Family house Lisnice near Prague

  • Project documentation
  • Cable distribution (low voltage, extra low voltage)
  • Tailor-made switchgear
  • Data rack
  • STA - satellite television reception, the antenna
  • Electronic security system
  • CCTV -
  • Measurement and control system includes a hot-water floor heating systems, chilled ceilings, control air conditioning, pool equipment, air conditioners and thermal pumps Mitsubishi
  • Customized visualization technologies


Family house Prague 1

  • Low voltage
  • Extra low voltage
  • Measurement and control system
  • Security alarm system
  • CCTV
  • Access System ekey



Hotel Rozvadov

The project documentation of wiring at  building construction level (extra low voltage, low voltage,  measurement and control)


Family house Radotin Prague

  • Measurement and control (underfloor heating, ceiling cooling, ventilation)
  • Electronic security system
  • Control of roller blinds (wind and solar automation)


     RD Ujezd nad Lesy

  • Opening windows Velux
  • Control of heating and cooling
  • Communication with Miele appliances,
  • Visualization
  • Access system 2N





Appartement Romania Bucharest

  • Control of heating and air conditioning units

  • Communication with system Lutron


Appartment Janackovo nabrezi

  • Measurement and control (radiators and cooling parapet fancoils, electric heating mats)
  • Control of the inner shield
  • Electronic security system