Smart Wiring




The intelligent control of the house and apartment, the central function for your convenience and savings

logo chytrá instalaceControl your household comfortably thanks to the central building control and preset functions. When you leave the house, encode it and smart wiring turns off lighted lamps, alarm system starts, lowers the temperature in the house and switched off unnecessary appliances.

You will return to a warm house, you can pre-heat sauna from your work.

The essence of intelligent home is control unit, which is a brain of the system that can centrally manages household systems: automatic temperature control, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, blinds, measuring energy consumption, and irrigates the lawn and remotely controlled other processes. Other options what can be controlled - here.

Comfortable controlling of smart wiring from your mobile

Do you know if have switched off or not when you leave? You do not have to worry any more, intelligent house or apartment will solve it for you. Automatically controlled lighting turn off when you leave.

Tired of looking for drivers for a variety of devices? Everything can be controlled centrally and remotely from your phone. Smart wiring system gets rid of unnecessary buttons, brings you energy cost savings through automatic temperature control and efficient use shading techniques.

Above its intelligent house you have control from anywhere and from abroad, just you need an Internet access.

More about the possibilities of controlling and visualisation of Smart wiring.


You are enjoying the vacation, the smart wiring takes care of your home

The smart house will take care of your living in your absence. It is capable of using automatic control blinds, television, and lighting to simulate your stay. It takes care of automatic temperature control.

Thanks to CCTV (IP camera, wifi camera), you can watch the action online in your smart home abroad.



The  brain of your smart house - the control system

The basic element of our control systems are very stable logic controllers (PLC - Tecomat Foxtrot) from a traditional Czech manufacturer Teco (formerly Tesla Kolin). The PLC Tecomat is typically used to control production lines, train services and oil rigs. Operation and maintenance of the control system is entirely safe.

More about Tecomat


Turnkey solutions

We monitor the market evolution of smart wiring very carefully; we offer you the best solution. With our experience and with the best of what the market currently offers, we will prepare a tailored made solution of intelligent house that will suit your needs the best. Smart House is not just a luxury, but it saves energy, so it is environmentally friendly and makes ease your everyday life.

Throughout the whole project of implementation your smart wiring you communicate only with one company.





Our vision is to provide high quality services tailored to the customers. That is why we have put together a team of professionals who have gone through numerous trainings and certifications of leading European and American manufacturers of systems for the management of modern buildings. This team constantly monitors and evaluates systems and their pros and cons , their suitability for different objects .


The result of this activity is to offer the most suitable system for the needs and customer requirements . We perform  all the work from the initial project through professional installation to starting the system and its  settings . Of course there is a service and support throughout the lifetime of the installed system.


For more than ten years, we have successfully realize wide range of works , and today we are specialists in this field.


The philosophy of our company is personal, very individual approach to customer needs and offer comprehensive services with an emphasis on the quality of work performed. The result is a satisfied customer, which is for long-term success of our company's top priority.