Smart wiring - the house will take care of you

Smart wiring brings comfort – central functions

You can control your house or apartment just on one click. Your favorite music will wake you up, blinds are raised up itself. You enjoy your coffee and the bath awaits you. When you leave you encode your house,  the lights turn off,  the appliance is disconnected. In the winter, you return to a warm, in summer to chilled home. You do not have to worry about anything, running around the house or search for drivers. Save time, money and enjoy the comfort which you dream. More...


Easy and comfortable controllingovládání inteligentního domu v mobilu

You set temperature, check your home abroad thanks to CCTV. One touch on mobile, tablet switch on TV, downloading blinds and turn off the lights. You can control the devices trough smartphone or elegant wall switches. More…


It protects you and your loved onesjednoduché ovládání prvků inteligentního domu

The smart house protects your assets not only thanks to CCTV, but also detectors, which reports a problem or disconnects the main water supply in case of leakage. In winter thaws driveway, it can warn about the fall of a child, or dog into the pool.

Environmentally friendly

The smart house will reduce the temperature in the house when you are not home. Blinds can rotate so that using of sunlight is the best. Effectively manages the use of alternative energy sources.