An actuator is an integral part of any control system. Sensors ensure that the system received the correct information about the condition of the house, while the actuator ensures that the technology is working well. The switching actuator switches heating pump, dimming actuator, dimming lights and shutter actuator controls the motors shield.


The alarm receiving center. Your SAS will be connected to the ARC. The ARC responds to alarms of SAS very quickly and under the arrangement mobile patrol may immediately go to a place.

Automatic mode:

The automatic mode can be defined for any controlled technology in the home. Whether it is a light, blinds or heating all can operate in automatic mode. The lighting auto mode for example, defines when and which light turns on and off. Very often this is used for orientation lights or lights in the garden, which are switched on at sunset. The heating automatic mode  ensures that every room will be given time preset temperature.


The BUS is a low-voltage wire communication links all system components (actuators, thermostats, elements in the switchboard, control unit). The BUS guarantees as well as communication between the elements and the power of all members. All elements of the BUS, any change in the functionality is only a question of programming the control system.


The button is kind of switch which, when it is pressed, it will return to the neutral starting position. Used for example for switching the fan or lights automaticly.

Central driver: 

A driver that performs centralized control function (eg. to switch off all the lights, running all the blinds on the floor, etc.) 


Digital adressable lighting interface. The data BUS for lighting control. Today DALI BUS is already standard in lighting control.


The modern phrase that refers to a control system for measurement and control.

Dimming light:

The light, in which the brightness can be adjusted continuously. It is now possible to dim the majority of resources (conventional bulbs, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED tapes). For a given source always find the right dimmer

Entrance scene:

The entrance scene: The entrance scene is activated by pressing a button or the entrance upon alarm. When you activate a scene, for example, selected lamps turn on, pull the blinds, the heat recovery system and the heating system will begin to operate in regime comfort.


The fire alarm system.

Heat Recovery system:

The heat recovery system in environmental engineering buildings heat recovery. The air which is sucked from the rooms as waste and which has been warmed to room temperature 22 ° C transmits their energy to the incoming outside air, and thus the warm air is drawn into the rooms. Heat is transferred in a recuperative heat exchanger, which ensures that the air  does not meet.


The intercom, electronic doorman. Using the intercom, you can communicate with people at the outdoor gates or inside the house between intercom stations.

IP camera:

The camera, which is connected directly to the network. In addition to the recording device it can be monitored via television, an application for a mobile phone or PC.

Lighting scene:

The default setting of intensity and lighting in the area. When activated scene fixtures set to the default value. Scenes can be customized and a name. This can create an example for living room scene "Watching TV", "Dinner" or "Relax."


Central data repository that is on the internal network. You can store photos and movies, and then in the local network watch. On the disc the NAS can be accessed after setting remotely 


Passive infrared detector. The motion detector works on detecting infrared people radiation. Used for detecting motion in security systems. It can also be used for automatic lighting.


Programmable Logic Controller. Cyclically operating freely programmable controller used in industry to control the production lines, in the residential sector for controlling houses.


Power over Ethernet is the way to power for certain network elements (eg. A camera or wi-fi antenna). Power and data are after the same cable, which saves on cabling.


Abbreviation  - parts per million. The unit is used for determining the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. The usual level is between 400 to 500 ppm.  


Low voltage switch, which all data components are stored.

Remote acces:

Possibility to log into the control house applications to applications for a CCTV system from anywhere in the world.


The active devices, which allows to facilitate communication in the data network.


The security alarm system

Simulation of presence:

During your absence, the system simulates the house or apartment is still occupied. Random Preset lighting turning on or blinds rotation creates a perfect.

Static IP address

The internet service provider is able to grant you a static IP address. Thanks to you are able to access the operating environment of the house and on CCTV anywhere in the world.


Active device that helps connect and expand the data network. 

System switch:         

System controller is every driver that is in any way connected to the intelligent home system.

http://thermalcomfortThermal comfort:  

Thermal comfort is just such a condition where a person the indoor environment cannot complain about hot or cold. According to research from 1970 to the Danish Technical University indicators have been established for the thermal comfort, which are still used today.


Operating environment for technology, which is tailored to the needs of investor. You can run on any device Web browser (PC, iPad, i Phone, Smart Phone, etc.).

Wall short press switch:

The Short press bus switch haves a central neutral position and it can be pressed on the top and bottom. After pressing always returns to the neutral position. Can be single or double. Double short press driver can be pressed in four positions.

Weather station: 

A device that measures all the important meteorological data. These data are very important to know for intelligent house, for example, wind speed (pull-down blinders) or the outdoor temperature (proper temperature control in the house).