The visualization - means of communication between you and your smart house

The visualization is a graphical environment for controlling a smart house or business and their monitoring. The visualization, which is often the application or a web server, you can view on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or even a television.

The operation is simple and intuitive. Through the visualization you can easily set for example the lighting scenes or leaving scenarios.




Control your smart home remotely by mobile phone

The great advantage is that you can control  your smart house comfortably wherever there is internet, even from abroad.

The smart home can be monitored via a camera system (wifi cameras, IP cameras), track consumption, but also to set an example temperature. So you always return to a warm home.


Tailored made graphical interface

Our company makes user interface - tailored visualization for each customer according to his needs. We can solve any technical task and create a user-friendly interface for controlling smart wiring for the customer in his favorite colors or patterns. Matter of course is an individual naming in customer's language, for example. ROOM ANIČKA or REAR GARAGE.

We will create a standardized application, or tailor-made.


The visualization adapted for Hotels & Establishments

The smart wiring is suitable not only for housing but also for hotels, office buildings and stores.  The visualization is tailored to the specific building. You can watch a boiler, water management and more.

In the visualization, you can view a lighting network and control it in groups, at the restaurant one press can dim a specific part of the lighting, set the scene for breakfast and dinner, or control lighting according based on occupancy. You can also control other functions easily.


More information and will gladly show you in our showroom.