Health protection

The smart house cares about the level of CO2 and filters allergens

Thanks to the good cooperation of all technologies in the building the smart house can influence the healthy environment. The smart wiring can actually affect the level of a healthy environment in your home.

The intelligent control system ensures a comfortable and healthy environment in your home fresh-air circulation through forced ventilation. Are you or someone in your family allergic? Then you will definitely appreciate that on the input to the ventilation system allergenic dust filters - tailored to the needs of your family. Your smart house monitors the content of carbon dioxide using sensors, when it approaches to the levels that cause sleepiness and headache the smart house will improve the performance of the ventilation unit and there will be still pleasant fresh air in the house.

Control the level of light intensity

A setting intensity level of individual fixtures (ie. Light scenes) at any given moment and in every action would guarantee state lighting comfort. Especially your eyes appreciate this setting. Your  eyes will not be tired of the gloom and sharp light .