You suffer from headache because of bad ventilation  and accumulation of pollutants

ventilation for getting rid of headacheAdequate ventilation is important for us to make ourselves feel good, the head does not hurt us and mold does not form. Pollutants from furniture and household equipment (radon, formaldehyde, etc.) can also concentrate in the rooms, this undesirable phenomenon remove your smart house ventilation during your absence.



heating, not to waste with heatVentilation, do not heat Lord´s windows

You can ventilate automatically by controlled motor drives. The motors can be operated on the basis of measuring CO2 levels in the room or using other sensors, or just using the timer activated at the time of occupancy in the building. Ventilation only based timer is not  economical solution. In layman's terms, you say that you "heat Lord´s windows."

Very efficient and economical solution is heat recovery system.

Heat recovery system, an efficient ventilation system

Heat recovery system is more economical because part of the ventilation unit is so called a recuperator which ensures the recovery of heat.

These methods of forced ventilation ensure air circulation throughout the building, both at the time of your presence and your absence. Due to the forced ventilation system is ensured removal of harmful substances from interior. In the living room the level of carbon dioxide is monitored, when the level is increased the performance of the ventilation unit will increase.

Do you have an allergic in family?

allergic filterIf you or someone in the family suffers from allergies, you know how allergy symptoms can be unpleasant.

Even with this problem the intelligent ventilation system helps you. At the entrance of ventilation system is installed dust and various allergens filters  - tailored to the needs of your family.



Control ventilation with one click

The control system of smart wiring takes care of automatic ventilation itself. You can control it from a wall panel or simply from your mobile comfortably.


helping hand for choosing right ventilation systemWe will give you a helping hand with choosing of right ventilation system

Our company deals with the issue of ventilation for many years and today we are considered experts in this field. We will showroom intelligent wiring in our office all demonstrate and help with orientation in the problems of ventilation.


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