Control an intelligent house from your iPhone simply 

controlling from mobileThe controlling of your house will be very comfortable with a smart wiring system. No extra switches and a number of remote controls, which are lost constantly. You control the whole house - heating, ventilation, lighting, blinds, cameras, gates, garden irrigation by using your iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world. No more unnecessary steps when leaving due to forgotten light on the floor. "A leaving scenario", which is activated, for example by encoding a house, starts a series of reactions, to ensure that no light will shine and no appliance will be switched on unnecessarily. You can control all components of your home theater via a single remote control.


Thanks to the intelligent control system you'll always have a comfortable temperature and fresh air

comfortable temperatureYou will have thermal comfort thanks to individual adjustment of temperature zones and temperature. The smart wiring with ventilation system will ensure you constant circulation of fresh air and exhaust pollutants even during your absence. Your house is preheated to desired temperature before your returning from  holidays.