Smart house - ways of controlling

Intelligent home control makes easy your everyday life. Control remotely comfortable lighting or shading technology, automatically regulate the temperature, and get rid of unnecessary switches and controllers.

 You can control your smart house simply and comfortably anywhere.


Abroad on holiday, you can use the camera system to check what's going on in your house. You do not need to look for control of the radio, television and shutters, the entire smart house you can control comfortably from the following devices, which you can combine as it suits you, or what you currently have on hand:

Wall switches

• Design switches

• Buttons with more features, short press causes a different action than long press

• Set the thermostat 



 Mobil, or tablet

• Adjust the brightness from the couch


• Pull down the blinds without a single step


• Check your smart home on holiday




Wall panel:

Set everything that is needed, weekly heating and ventilation schedule




• Check your intelligent house must be out of the office on the cameras.

• Do you work in an apartment colder? Increase the temperature through a computer.

• Please set the scenario to set an example of what happens when you encode the house.



• Are you watching TV and you do not have to hand your smartphone?


• You sat down to watch a favorite movie, but annoying light shining into your eyes?

 Do not stand up, do not look for anything, turn off the light through television



  •   Are you sitting with a coffee on the terrace and is it shining on you too much sun? Do not be disturbed and pull the sunblind using a FOB.
  • It's raining, but you do not stand out of the car to open the driveway gate


Remote control

Turn on the lights that you need,  pull down  the blinds remotely

Especially   useful in presentation rooms