Enjoy your favorite music anywhere

chytrý dům audioChoose your music from your phone, tablet, PC play it in any room, even in the bathroom. Relax in the bath with calming tunes.

At a garden party or barbecue use lighting scenes and illuminate your house, play music and create such an irresistible atmosphere.



Get up with music

Replace the unpleasant alarm sound  with a slow wake-up music. Tune in to the good mood in the morning, the intelligent house wakes you at the set time you set with your favourite music.


The home theater, a great experience from the film

video chytrý důmThe intelligent multimedia control lets (NAS - disk) run remotely your favorite movie from a central storage, or browse vacation photos.

For ejecting the projector and screen you can also use the tablet.

The smart house ensure the ultimate movie experience through a preset lighting scenes, temperature so that you do not want to go to the cinema.

The intelligent multimedia control system will always take care of your comfort and enjoyment.


An intelligent control door communication, data network

An intercom for your convenience

intercom inteligentní důmYou can communicate via videophone  - intercom between every room in the house and open a door or gate to your visitors. The smart house able you to see your visitors like an incoming call on your mobile phone and even a video call.



The data network and wifi to communicate with the world

controling of smart multimediaWe will design you a data network including a data switchboard, wired lines and wi-fi coverage according your needs.

Our designed network responds not only to the current demands on data transmission, but the decades ahead



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