Protect your home from burglars, an intelligent alarm

ESSWe deliver a certified, homologated system of ESS (the electronic security system), which fully cooperates with the control system of an intelligent home. The alarm starts a series of events to scare the offender and alerts surroundings audio-visually, that there is an uninvited guest at home. The smart house recognize the unsolicited enter not only thanks to the CCTV system, but  as well as thanks to motion detectors or sensors reacting to the human warmth. A perimeter protection ensures a plot against unauthorized access.



Detectors that protect you against water leaks and fire

alarmThe smart wiring recognizes water or gas leaks  and notifies it to the user via sms and also stops the main power supply to the building. A smoke detector protects you against the fire, it detects an abnormal increase in temperature, then sound the alarm and warn the inhabitants of the building. Thanks to protection using RCDs do not worry about current leakage.

Comprehensive security, the simulation of stay, information sms

Watch, what's happening in your home during the holidays. Thanks to connection of security system and CCTV (IP camera, wifi camera) with the recording device you can have your house still under control from anywhere in the office or even from abroad.

Are you worried that abandoned house attract thieves? Do not be, a smart house can simulate the presence of people, randomly starts blinds or lights are turned on.

The smart wiring works with all systems. Your alarm system sends an SMS about the problem, sounds,  pulls the blinds, turns lights on to attract attention. 

We design ideal SAS solution for you 

We work out your project with the ideal placement of the individual components of the system (keypad, siren, cameras, smoke detectors, gas detectors, flood etc.). A connection to the alarm receiving center (ARC) is matter of course.

Electronic security systems, which we use

Our goal is a functioning security system with simple controls. We are certified partner for the majority of SAS systems (Paradox, Jablotron Texecom, DSC, ELDES), we adopt security system to your needs. We realize also perimeter protection object using infrared barriers.