Heating / Cooling

A comfortable temperature in each room

regulace teploty v chytrém doměThanks to visualization, you can set the desired temperature in any room in your home with smart schedule. An intelligent heating system keeps the temperature in each room individually and knows when to start heating to ensure optimal temperature in stated time, so you will not return from work to cold house or apartment. In summer, the air conditioning takes care not to overheat the room.


The intelligent heating system uses energy efficiently

A smart house is a complex that co-works together, a heating and cooling system co-works with a shading technique so that it uses sunlight effectively. In summer, during a peak sunshine blinds pulled down, the air conditioning may not cool unnecessarily and in winter the blinds rotates so that it  uses the sun's energy effectively. The intelligent heating and cooling system thinks about your savings, the heating switches off during ventilation automatically .

The heating exactly meets your requirements, needs and weekly mode of the whole family. You can also monitor a consumption of your home on the mobile.


Holidays - end of energy wasting and chilling returns, the automatic temperature control

temperature in smart homeDuring the holidays, the system takes care of itself on a weekly schedule. The intensity of the heating is reduced so we do not waste energy, but you do not worry about chilly homecoming. The smart wiring begins heating in time to achieve comfortable temperature at arrival.


Control your heating system remotely, thanks to the smart wiring

controlling smart house via iPhoneAre you going back from the winter holidays earlier? Heat your house by using your mobile phone and come to a pleasantly hot house and maybe turn right sauna.

Are you late at work or at a party? Let's know it to your house – delay a start of heating and you can enjoy one more drinks with the feeling that the house does not heat unnecessarily.


A control system that co-works

The system is able to work with several independent sources - a heat pump, gas boiler, solar collectors and  use energy efficiently.



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