One touch to set the ideal lighting

Do not go to the each switch. Use a function of the smart wiring – lighting scenes.

Lighting scenes allow you to control multiple lights that are preset in a scene just with one touch. To evoke a pleasant atmosphere you just can dial which lights and rate of intensity will be within the lighting scene active. You set your lighting scene for each activity. While you are watching TV you can set the lights so were not exposed to unpleasant backlighting.  During a party you can choose a more intimate lighting to evoke mood. Especially this function your eyes appreciate, and consequently your wallet because correct lighting saves electricity.

Intelligent functions

Your smart home lighting control system automatically ensures an ideal balance of daylight and artificial lighting. It can recognize the decrease in the intensity of outdoor sunshine and depending on the presence of people in the building it switches on for example the necessary LED lights in the hall, or increase the brightness needs to be lit in the home office. The same can be done not only based on the outside light conditions, but also on the basis of time values ​​and of course on the presence of persons in the building.


The central intelligent lighting

Are  you sometimes unsure whether you have turned off the light? Smart wiring system has the function of a central switching off  - all the fixtures in the building, allows automatic shutdown forgotten lamps, for example by encoding object by the alarm when leaving the house.


The intelligent house simulates your stay

Lighting control has a safety significance for the house. The usual function of smart home is random automatic switching of lights during the absence of people. Your smart home uses this feature in conjunction with exterior shutters, for example, evoke a feeling your property  is currently inhabited for people who are watching the house, therefore,  theft will  prefer to choose another property.


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