Simple and central control of shading techniques

You do not have to go around the entire house and pull up / down shading techniques complicatedly. Thanks to the smart wiring you control everything quite comfortably in groups or individually according to your requirements and on the basis of our recommendations.

For controlling outdoor, indoor shutters, blinds, curtains and awnings you can use classical wall switches, or mobile phones, tablet PC or wireless controllers.



The efficient energy using with smart wiring

The smart house takes care of energies the most efficient using - shutters, blinds and other shading technique automatically work well during your absence, for example, during sunny hours they go down and that´s why they will bring savings for cooling.

The complexity of intelligent technologies provides security

Connection louvers to security system provides maximum safety to your home, for example louvers automatically go down / up  and simulate the presence of people, or in the case of illegal rise up entry immediately, so any thief is visible.

Alternatively, smart home runs light, so it attracts more attention to it.