The smart wiring is a modern controlling system for households and technologies (heating, cooling, lighting, blinds, pool, etc ...).

In addition to the smart wiring we also offer a convention wiring (low and extra low voltage), all revision of electro-installation with no limit in voltage or environment.



Low voltage

We offer the electro installation work and supply of all electrical wiring up to 1000V. We install socket and light circuits. Lightning protection and grounding are an integral part of asset protection and human health, which we also install. We also manufacture switchgears on order. 


Extra low voltage

We realize a security network (security systems, CCTV), a data distribution (internet, TV, door sound). All types of distributions, we can perfectly combine to guarantee you their durability and functionality for decades. We mount satellite distribution and switchgear, racks  which we also supplied.


Are you interested in the smart wiring or do you need a conventional wiring?